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Microcurrent Skin Rejuvenation Facial Massager

€14,99 €30,00

86 reviews


  • Effectly Solve 9 Skin Problems: Lifting and Firming,Deep Cleansing from deep pores, Skin elasticity improvement,eye bags, makeup wrinkes removal,balance oil secretion skin Rejuvenation and Tighten, Brighten, Smooth, and Better Nutrition Absorption to Increase elasticity of the skin,anti-aging and anti-oxidant.
  • 4 Skin Solutions in 1 Device: Powerful completely electroic technology in all this skincare tool.Lon-Lead in&out cleansing, deeply clean skin make skin can absorb nutrient from facial care product 5 times more effective.Vibration Massage&Smooth, Lifting&Tighting Treatment and Eye Care, Constantly use device 2-3 tims a week, skin will be graduatly improved naturally.
  • Red Light Warm Massage & Blue Light Shrink Pore: Red light promote skin cells metabolism and blood circulation,reduce red blood,dark circles,bags and dark spots,improve the skin elasticity,make skin tighter,smoother,brighter and healthier. Blue light help shrink pores , hydrating lock water repair skin cells, promote collagen regeneration, reduce fine lines.
  • 1 Press Smart Operating System: Only 2 Buttons on our device body. Power On/Off, 1 Press to select most comfortable Level for your skin, 1 click to seclet different function for most meet your need. Effectily solve 9 skin problem with 1 press.7 In 1 Face Lift Devices Rf Microcurrent Skin Rejuvenation Facial Massager  Light Therapy Anti Aging Wrinkle Beauty Apparatus - Multi-functional Beauty  Devices - AliExpress