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Collagen 24K Gold Under Eye Patch

€10,99 €20,00

34 reviews


  • Anti-Aging Eye Patches-With 24k gold and collagen, hydrate and nourish your skin around eyes, make your skin plump and shiny. Besides,this eye patches can effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help skin to keep youthful vigor.
  • Rich in Natural Essences-Smooth and cool, won't hurt your skin.It's suitable for most skin types, women and men can use it.
  • [Multiple Effects]-strengthen skin firmness and remove eye bags; relieve eye fatigue and effectively remove dark circles.
  • Warm Prompt-If the skin is slightly dehydrated or has slight fine lines, it is recommended to use it two or three times a week; if the skin is severely dehydrated or has obvious wrinkles, it is recommended to increase the frequency of use, preferably three to five times a week.
  • Easy to use-You can use it on many occasions,and keep it for 15-30 minutes. Just discard it if it becomes dry, which means all the essential nutrients in the patch have been absorbed.